Stittsville music lessons – Teachers

Cathy Hallessey

Owner/Teacher vocals, guitar, The Roxies band coach

Cathy founded U-Rock Music School in 1997. Her lifelong love of all things musical started very early. She asked Santa for her first guitar at age 7; the next year she asked neighborhood kids to pay a nickel to listen to her sing and play along to records in her basement. They paid. She loved it. Since that time, Cathy, a professional accredited musician, teacher and lead singer of numerous bands since 1979, including SpiderKillers, and the duet/band Ghost Pepper with her hubby Brian, is a shining example of living your passion. Cathy continues to work as a professional musician while also teaching her many students to sing, write music and play guitar. Her extensive musical background also includes songwriting and recording. Cathy studied Voice under Donna Nolan at Concordia University’s Music Department and also has a degree in Music Production and Sound Engineering from the Trebas Institute of Recording Arts & Sciences in Montreal. She has won many awards and competitions for her original songs and continues to inspire her students to express themselves through their own music. Her passion for teaching has allowed her to share her enthusiasm for music education with more than 1,000 guitar and vocal students over the years. Having grown up in the Montreal music scene, Cathy is also fluently bilingual.


Brian Brodersen

Owner/Teacher guitar, bass, ukulele, drums, keyboard & The Crushers band coach

Brian is co-owner of U-Rock and has been crazy about music since he first learned to play the recorder in Grade 4, to his parents’ dismay. 🙂  He luckily went on to study classical piano, guitar, drums, trumpet and music theory and then started his first rock band at age 16. With an extensive musical background in many classical and rock instruments, Brian is a gifted musician, teacher and professional guitarist/singer who has taught for more than 30 years. As the lead guitarist for two well-known Ottawa rock bands, SpiderKillers and Between the Lines, Brian performs regularly all over the Ottawa region, along with his wife, Cathy, Brian also performs in the duet/band Ghost Pepper. He is a terrific, dedicated and very patient mentor. His ability to motivate his students will make your lessons feel like you’re having way too much fun, while still learning the technical skills you need to be a real rock star. Brian has coached many students with learning disabilities and offers the kind of mentoring that is a rare gift for all of his students. His impressive knowledge base in music theory and crazy skills at switching from one instrument to another, effortlessly, serves to inspire students and peers alike. He too is fluently bilingual.

NEW TEACHERS @U-Rock! Meet Noah Raftis & Samantha Clarke – our new music teachers who have been learning with us at U-Rock for many years now. They are both fantastic musicians, skilled in vocals, guitar, ukulele and piano. They are also both award winners at U-Rock and terrific young teachers. We’ve added them to our little rock family because they are just THAT amazing. Noah teaches on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays, and also coaches Kidz Band. Samantha teaches on Thursdays & Fridays and also coaches The Roxies.